Free animal self-support service

Visibility to clinics and collected information for pet owners is open and free of charge for all pet owners and veterinarians as well as clinics. Joining costs nothing and you can also exit the service at any time. The related clinics appear in the strain with their contact information, and pet owners can apply for all clinics and veterinarians in a particular municipality/city who are included in the service. This way your clinic will get free visibility by joining! And through the service, the pet owner can also call the clinic or go to the clinic’s website to book time.


The quality of care of pets requires reliable movement of care data between different parties. It is good for the care facility operator to know exactly what treatment instructions the veterinarian has given for the care of the pet. With the specialization of veterinary services, the pet often has to visit different veterinarians and clinics, in which case it is important that the treatments and examinations given are easily and reliably transmitted between different places of treatment. The clinic can be used to familiarize yourself with your pet’s previous treatments in advance at In this way, the treatment can be planned in advance to best meet the needs of your pet.

The list of clinics that have joined is constantly updated. has considered it an important starting point that the stored information is the property of the pet owner and that no information is disclosed for commercial use. At some point, data may be provided anonymously for scientific research purposes without the owner’s and pet’s data being provided. And permission for this use is also asked separately for each pet owner.

Open and free for all pets!

  • Up-to-date and accurate care information for your pet always with you

  • The data is updated almost in real time from the patient systems of veterinarians

  • Software interface free for all veterinary software

  • Safe, only you manage your pets’ data

  • Ensure a continuum of care between clinics

  • Also as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices (coming)