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Browser-based calendar application designed for environmental health care monitoring units

With the visual interface, you can conveniently manage e.g. veterinary services, on-call leave, holidays and visits.

You can easily select not only yourself but also your colleagues’ calendar situations in calendar view. Individuals are divided into groups, allowing people throughout the group (e.g. veterinarians, inspectors, administration) to be easily selected with a single click in the calendar view.

Each group can have its own group administrator, which also has access to calendar entries for other people in their group.

The Kymppi calendar makes it easier to manage on-call services and the on-call freedoms edtented from them.

With the Kymppi calendar, veterinarians can easily check out the emergency services made for invoicing, in which case the on-call compensation is automatically transferred to the person responsible for the payment. In other words, there is no longer any need to make a separate on-call compensation invoice.

The visit entries displayed in the calendar make it easier to plan controls when the user sees at a glance what checks are coming to others. This avoids e.g. driving to the same object on consecutive days.

With the Reporting Tool, you can quickly and effortlessly get reports on on-call and other freedoms available to the administration. Each user can also take on-call reports directly from the calendar app.

As a browser-based Kymppi calendar can be used anywhere, on computers and mobile devices.