Data management software for environmental protection and health promotion 

Data management software
for environmental protection
and health promotion
  • New platform – new possibilities

  • Flexible pricing – monthly billing by workstation

  • Professional support at your service

TerveKuu features

  • Serves users in everyday work. No other management systems needed
  • Internal communication and notifications directly from the system
  • Versatile searching capabilities make finding information such as targets, documents or contacts very easy

  • Suitable for departments of all sizes

  • Constant clauses smoothen the process of creating documents

  • Risk analysis and monitoring plans directly from the system

  • System will direct the user to fill all necessary information

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Automatically updated national registers, no additional work for updating needed

  • Part of all the national information system projects

  • inked to the account ledgers and other systems of municipalities

The most versatile and
easiest to use in the market 

TerveKuu has been developed over decades based on practical experience and field work, making it responsive to the daily needs and requirements of its users. TerveKuu is used by over 30 departments with nearly 350 users. Size of departments vary between less than five to more than 30 users.

TeraKuu has decades of experience in the field of environmental and health protection and our customers value especially our professional staff. We assist in both technical and substantial questions. For this reason we are also able to offer complete and well-functioning solutions to our customers, developed and delivered on time.

New technologies enable us to develop TerveKuu to be even more user-friendly. TerveKuu will have a fully web-based version, functional on different browsers, both in office and on the field. The core functions of TerveKuu are already fully functional in browsers.

The affordable monthly pricing makes purchasing and deploying TerveKuu effortless. Old data from previous system will be migrated to TerveKuu, making it readily available and usable, avoiding the need to reproduce any data in the process.