Veterinary software

KliniQ veterinary software makes it easy to manage the stream of patients and patient information. Developed together with veterinarians and animal carers, KliniQ is practical and fulfills the latest requirements in the industry and by law.

For all clinics and veterinarians

  • Solutions in design to make using the software fast, easy and simple

  • Clear user interface

  • Interfaces with most common in-house laboratory and RTG devices, card machines and outside laboratory services

  • Interfaces with operators such as Finnish Kennel Club, Centralized health care register for Finnish cattle herds, financing companies

  • Built-in booking management, calendar and optional online booking system

  • Comprehensive reporting and management of income

Different practices

Praktiikka- muodot

KliniQ is suitable for both clinical activities or mixed practice. You can switch from one practice mode to another on the fly. So if your practice changes or you do a little bit of both production animals and Small Animals, you have the best features on both sides at the same price.

Easy and fast

KliniQ software has many easy-to-use solutions. The animal card displays all relevant care information in a single view. With the versatile search function, you can pick up customers e.g. name, address, care information, animal breed, and freely combining search criteria. The software also has a quick search function that allows you to easily and quickly access the customer card.

Editing of various data and registers is possible during use. The software also has color-coded buttons for easy operation.

Use the software from anywhere

KliniQ adapts to different situations and different devices. The browser-based KliniQ only wants an internet connection and a supported browser. If no internet connection is available, KliniQ can be used locally, used only on one device. Browser usage is also seamless for a variety of environments. Ask us for the most suitable solution!

KliniQ is currently available in Finnish. Contact us for more information (in Finnish or in English), or read more about KliniQ (in Finnish).

KliniQ is currently available in Finnish. Contact us for more information (in Finnish or in English).