Kliniq – Veterinary Software

Designed by veterinarians

The KliniQ software has many solutions that make it easier to work. The animal card shows all the essential care information with a single view. With a versatile search function, you can pick up customers with e.g. name, address, care information, animal breed and free combination of search criteria. The software also has a quick search feature that makes it easy and quick to access the customer card.

Editing different data and registers is possible during operation. The software also has color-coded buttons to make it easier to use.

Now also as a cloud service and browser-powered. See more here: KliniQ brochure

Forms of practice

KliniQ is suitable for both clinic-shaped activities or mixed practice. From one form of practice to another, you can switch on the fly. So if the practice changes or you do a little both farm animals and small animals, you have at your disposal the best features of both sides at the same price.

Our operating model

TeraKuu operates as part of a owned business network that has expertise on a very wide scale, from marketing to large Oracle databases, from programming to IT device solutions. If necessary, the expertise and resources of the business network will be used to develop TeraKu's software.